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Reflexology during pregnancy

Reflexology is a safe and beneficial complementary therapy during all stages of pregnancy, labour and the post natal period.

How can reflexology help?

Reflexology is a supportive and comforting treatment during pregnancy, to help you during this time of physical and emotional change. You will likely find it extremely relaxing as it helps your body adjust to all the hormonal alterations taking place.
Being pregnant is a wonderful and special time however it can also bring along some challenges!
Regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy can help to alleviate some of the most common issues including:
Nausea and morning sickness
Back ache
Stress and anxiety
Pelvic girdle pain (symphysis pubis pain)
Swollen ankles and legs
Reflexology treatments also give you precious time to yourself, to unwind and relax and focus entirely on you and your baby.

Preparation for birth
As the due date approaches it may be beneficial to have more regular treatments to keep anxiety levels low and to keep the body in balance.
Research studies have found that reflexology during pregnancy reduces the time of first stage labour and also decreases pain during labour.
Post-natal reflexology
Reflexology at this time is especially important, it can encourage your body to heal and re balance and provides support for you emotionally.
Treatments can be shared with your baby and provide the opportunity to bond in a calming environment. Or they can be alone, giving you the time to re charge and feel better able to cope.
Reflexology during the post-natal period can support some common issues including:
anxiety and depression
hormonal imbalances
lactation problems
recovery following surgery

Reflexology is provided alongside all other medical treatment and advice, working together with your GP, midwife and consultant not alternatively.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Is reflexology safe during pregnancy?
Reflexology is a safe treatment during all stages of pregnancy if carried out by a trained professional like myself. However, there are some contra indications and therefore it is important to carry out a full consultation to make sure it is appropriate.
Q. How often do I need a reflexology treatment?
Reflexology treatments are recommended at least once per month during pregnancy. With more frequent weekly treatments close to the due date.
Q. Where do treatments take place?
Treatments take place at my private in clinic in the village of Shelf near Halifax. There is plenty of free secure parking on site. Appointments are strictly by appointment.
Q. Can maternity reflexology bring on labour?
Reflexologists do not claim to induce labour however the general view is that the therapy will aid relaxation and therefore help the body to best prepare for the birth.
If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.

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